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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our suggestion is you will need to promote the photo booth during your event and before your event when possible. It's important for people to know the pictures are free and that they can take as many as they want. Here's a little secret we've picked up: everybody secretly loves looking at pictures of themselves. Give them a chance to get free pics with their friends and they'll be hooked.

If you have a DJ, have them announce the booth periodically. Handing out cards or notes to all guests when they come in is a great idea, too. If you've got tables, table tents are a super way to spread the word. Having a greeter at the event entrance is also an easy way to make sure everyone knows what's available.

We've also found that once the pictures start floating around, everybody will want one of their own.

Yes, we can. We'll be glad to set up outside. We have to have a concrete or concrete-like surface to set up on and you have to provide a large tent for us to set up under. No grass, no dirt, no gravel. You will sign a contract stating that you will be responsible for 100% of damage caused to the booth by any outdoor or weather-related damages and will provide a credit card that we can bill the damages to. Plus, you'll have to provide an additional security deposit that will be returned assuming nothing gets damaged.

Both parties can keep a copy. Our suggestions include:

  • You get to pick whether the booth prints one 4"x6" print with four images on it or two 2"x6" strips with four images on each strip.
  • We always recommend that the guest get to keep a print. Keep in mind that your event host may get a DVD of all the high resolution images, which allows you to print a copy of each image for yourself. The Custom Memory Album is also an awesome way to memorialize your event. So basically you can choose who keeps the actual printout -- if you choose to keep the only print, though, we think you're making a huge mistake. We recommend either selecting the two strips (one for you, one for the guest) or simply ordering double prints. 
  • If you order a guestbook, we recommend either selecting two 2"x6" strips (one for the guestbook, one for the guest) or ordering duplicate prints if you select one 4"x6" print (one for the book, one for the guest). 

Either way. They can do it or you can do it. We're full service like that.

If you're ordering a guest book or custom memory album, we recommend that you pick for your guests. Both of these books will look far better with the color or black and white aspect consistent throughout.

It's pretty simple... get in the booth. Sit down or stand up, we don't have a preference. Choose color or black and white. Watch the screen for instructions and get creative! The booth takes four pictures within a few seconds of each other and then prints out your final images.

That's it!

Well, we are located in the big city of Mountain Home, Arkansas, so there's no extra fee if the event's in town. Outside of Mountain Home, add $1.50 per mile round trip for travel fees.

The photo booth can go pretty much wherever we can go, as long as we can drive there. If the place of the event is too far to travel where overnight accommodations are needed, you will need to provide accommodations for hotel room and couple of meals. For night events more than 2 hours away, we will need accommodations arranged as well.

Two or three people is pretty easy. Four or five appear to work as well. More than five may be tougher to fit. With the space given, up to 10 people may be acceptable.

We need an absolute minimum of 8'x8' but prefer 10'x10'. The booth itself is 5'x5' and we'll need some extra clearance to operate in. We also need one three-prong electrical outlet within about 8' or so of the set-up location.

If you're ordering a guest book with your rental, we'll also need space to set up a table next to the booth. Guest books slow down the process a bit, so a line will probably form, which means you'll need more space for that, as well. If you're adding a guest book, we recommend an area of around 8'x12'.

All that said, as long as the 5'x5' booth will physically fit in your space, we can probably make it work.

Nope. Take as many as you want and it's all included.

The booth can technically take up to 100 sessions an hour, but realistically you're looking at 50 - 60 sessions per hour at the most. There's a natural delay when different groups of people are switching in and out of the booth.

Yes, the equipment is top notch. The camera is a Canon and has enough megapixels to blow your mind. The printer is lab-quality from Sony, which is about 125 times better than most other brands.

You will love the results. We promise.

We define "wait time" as any time after your event begins that the photo booth is not operational.

We require that the booth be set up before your guests begin arriving. Once it's set up, we have to stay there with it to make sure it stays safe. Since the booth's not working during that time, we don't feel it's right to charge you the full $150 per hour. But since we have to sit there, we do ask for a small fee to cover the time. Thus, the $50 per hour charge is added.

Here's an example: Wedding reception begins at 6:00 PM. Dinner's from 6:00 - 7:00, so you don't want the photo booth to start until 7:00. You book a three hour rental from 7:00 - 10:00. We have to be set and ready to go at 6:00 to make sure everything's all nice and pretty before people show up. So, you'll have one hour of "wait time" (from 6:00 - 7:00) that will incur a $50 fee.

Here's another example: Same 6:00 start and same three hour rental from the first example. But this time, you want the photo booth open from 6:00 - 6:30 while the guests arrive. Then you have dinner from 6:30 - 7:30 and want the booth shut down. Then it starts up again at 7:30 and runs until 9:30. You've got the same $50 "wait time" fee for the down time from 6:30 - 7:30.

Any questions? Send us an e-mail and we will break down the pricing for your specific event for you.

Yes! Feel free to provide your own guest book, we don't mind at all. There are a couple of things you should keep in mind if you do:

If you buy a guest book from us, we provide pens, adhesive materials, print cutting services, and a guest book attendant. If you bring your own book, you must provide all of those items yourself. That specifically includes a person to be in charge of cutting prints and/or assembling the album.

We will be happy to provide a list of things you should bring if you're providing your own album.

While we take great care to keep the photo booth equipment in excellent working order, failure to the booth could happen. Therefore, we have a backup plan. In the event of an unexpected equipment failure at the event, a jclare crew member will shoot the photos in the booth manually and provide the contracted prints as quickly as possible after the event. This manual service will serve in lieu of the standard photo booth operation thus no refunds will be provided.

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